We Do That Leagues Software

Create leagues, online player signups, create 8-12 week schedule,
Online Scoring, Standings each week, Substitutions streamlined


Our pricing model is simple.
It's based on the number of players in a particular league.
Once the League Schedule is implemented and the first week of play has been completed, you as the Director will be billed.
While there ARE other systems that are much cheaper, remember, you get what you pay for and the We Do That Leagues Software is the most advanced, most automated, most time freeing League running software Ever developed.
As an Introductory price, we are discounting it by 33% as a limited time offer.
Our "regular" price is $7.50/player, as an introductory price, it is just $5.00/player.
And to prove it's absolutely the Best system available, I'm offering a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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