We Do That Leagues Software

Create multiple leagues, online player signups, create 8-12 week schedule,
Online Scoring, Standings each week, Substitutions streamlined,
Mark payments online, Multiple rounds per day/week variations,
Online Status for League matches

We Do That (WDT) Leagues Software

With the WDT Leagues Software you'll be able to run entire leagues almost completely on autopilot. The first truly full rotational round robin matchups for 4, 8, 12, or 16 players/teams so they play with a different partner and against a different matchup every game for any given week as well as fixed team leagues.
You'll be amazed at how simple it is and how it virtually runs the league play for you.
With this software I was able to manage 8 leagues playing over just 6 days and still have a life!
Registering for both Directors and Players is Free. Players require a Director to be registered for the link that associates them with that particular Director.

Benefits of
League Play

The number one thing I hear across the country is about people looking for good games and with a wide variety of different style players on a consistent basis. We Do That Leagues Software solves that problem by giving people a place to play each week with different partners and against different people for truly rotational round robin play as well as fixed teams schedules for 3, 4, or even 5 rounds of play per day.

The Substitutes

If you run a league with just 4 people in it, getting substitutes is NO Big Deal, but when running 8 leagues with 8 people per league, for you as the director to be saddled with getting all the substitutes is virtually IMPOSSIBLE!
THIS software takes that off your plate and puts it onto the players to find and enter their substitutes with consequences if they don't. You're welcome!

Play day status

The 2020 Fall leagues here in Reno delivered many irregularities. First, we played all matches outdoors. Usually NOT a problem, except THIS year we had Fires delivering high levels of unhealthful Smoke. Cancelled days pushed out the last couple weeks into November where we then saw temperatures plummet to freezing or below at 8 am.
Communicating was a disaster, texting, sms messaging services, emails, and finally personal phone calls to make sure EVERYONE knew that day was cancelled, postponed, or moved to another time.
Solution - One place to check status has been implemented so you will NOT need to text message, email, or make phone calls.

Scores and Rankings

Players pull up the schedule of who is with whom, what the team they will be playing and on what court, and entering the match scores right on their phone while standing at the courts.
After the day's play ends, they can "Display" standings immediately and see where they are in the rankings.
This requires NO work on your part, the system takes care of all that with no need for spreadsheets or any communcation from you to deliver the results.

Director and Player Log Ins

Use these log in forms to access your accounts.

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