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As a player who has signed up for any league play, You are responsible for finding a Substitute in the event that you will not be able to make a scheduled play time. Should you fail to obtain a Substitute of equal skill level, your scheduled opponents will get the maximum score and you and your scheduled partner will receive zero (0). The "Status" of scheduled play will be posted on the Leagues Signup and Status page no less than 1 hour before scheduled play time. It is your responsibility to check that status before proceeding to the venue to play your matches. The Director of your league is NOT required to be at the venue for the entirety of the scheduled match play. If they choose to be there, they may offer to watch the "kitchen" line and call foot faults if ALL players of the match agree to allow such calls. The Director or a person they so choose also has the discretion to "Referee" a match, their calls stand as such. If you can not play out the remainder of the season, it is YOUR responisbility to find a replacement and notify the Director. The Director will change the name on the League Signup and Status page to the new player taking your place. If fees were paid for the season, it is between you and your replacement as to any monies charged for that replacement, money for a replacement may or may not be refunded for partial season play at the discretion of the Director. If play is scheduled for outdoors, the following conditions will postpone the current day's play till the next regularly scheduled date, check the "League Signup & Status" page: If the temperature is below 35℉/2℃ or above 95℉/35℃; winds over 10mpg/16kph; rain or snow overnight; bad air quality with an AQI of 150 or higher. You understand that if any pictures or photos are taken of you while playing in league match play or in an award ceremony you are giving the Director permission to use such in relation to league promotion UNLESS you notify the Director in writing that you do not want your photo used.

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